Vagabond Brushed & Plaid cotton shirts

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Ravnø Vagabond shirts. Comfortable brushed soft cotton shirts – this is a wonderfully nice shirt that you will love. Can be used on adventures, hunting trips, hikes – and in the office.

Vagabond thrives best on long summer evenings by the river, around the campfire, or early in autumn after the season’s first bird. You will also look really good at the hunting team’s annual meeting in the cabin. 🙂

Good and straight fit with a long front and back, buttons, double chest pocket, double buttons on the cuffs – as well as a “Prince of Wales” collar. The shirts are slightly larger in size.

The colors are warm earth tones – the fabric has a slight sheen, so the colors change character in different lighting.

Big Blue – warm summer blue.
Mustard – whisky/mustard.
Bjøra – flannel.
Namsen – flannel.

Product info

Vagabond Brushed & Plaid cotton shirts

100% brushed cotton shirts. Double chest pockets. Reinforced collar. Double buttons on shirt sleeve. Wash like cotton.

Made with 100% brushed cotton twill, these shirts feature double chest pockets for added functionality. The collar is reinforced for a better look, and the shirt sleeve is designed with double buttons for adjustable comfort. When it comes to care, treat and wash these shirts as you would with cotton. For ironing, use a low heat setting to maintain the fabric’s quality.