Ravnø Pro Altitude Pants Gen.2 | Lupus camo

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Unique camouflage pattern developed in Norway

Pro Alititude Gen.2.

Dynatec™ is an extremely durable, breathable, windproof, and water-repellent three-layer membrane. It is made of elastic and comfortable material. With our Pro Altitude Pants Gen.2, you get a pant that is an evolution from Gen.1, now featuring 3XDry™ and Nanosphere™ treatments in addition to the Schöeller C_Change™ membrane – as comfortable to wear as a cotton pant. 10-year warranty.

Weight: 600 g in size L. Two-way stretch. Kevlar reinforcement. Full-length zippers.

Water column: 20,000 mm.

3XDry™ Finish Treatment from Schöeller Elite Textiles.

Nano-Sphere™ nanotechnology treatment for oil and water resistance.

C-Change™ body climate-regulating membrane developed by Schöeller Elite Textiles™ in Switzerland.

Ravnø 10-year warranty. Made in Europe. EUR.1 Certified.

Product info

Ravnø Pro Altitude Pants Gen.2 | Lupus camo

Ravnø Dynatec Lupus Pro Altitude Pants® – Gen.2 – a 3-layer shell pant that provides the protection you need even on the worst weather days. The pant features elastic tightening at the waist and double buttons in the front. It has vertical ventilation on both leg lengths and three-way tightening at the ankles. Double pockets on the sides, with a separate inner pocket for a mobile phone or GPS. Kevlar reinforcement in the seat and on the inside of the ankles. Water column: 20,000 mm.

Silent (rustle-free) material for minimal noise. YKK AquaSeal™ zippers and a membrane composed of Dynatec™, C-Change™, and NanoSphere™ 3XDry™ technologies developed by Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. The pant is washed at 40 degrees with natural soap, without fabric softener. Light ironing after washing to maintain the performance of the membrane.

Dynatec™ outer layer was developed for use in motorcycle garments, and the C-Change™ membrane adapts to temperature conditions both close to the body and towards the elements. The garment stays cooler on hot days and provides better insulation on cold days. A truly unique technology developed by Schöeller.

Term: Waterproof means waterproof! Water-repellent will keep water out until the fabric’s performance limit is exceeded. Silent – enough to stalk deer hunting, low noise – enough to stalk moose hunting.

Ravnø Dynatec Lupus Pro Altitude Pants® is a 100% European product designed in Norway, adapted in Poland with textiles from Switzerland and details from Germany and Sweden.

New features compared to Gen.1:
• Changed construction around the knee joint
• Normal length (4cm shorter than Long/Gen.1)
• Full-length zippers
• 3X-Dry™ Finish Treatment
• Full kevlar reinforcement around the ankles, similar to Sabotør pants
• Hidden reinforcement details
• See size guide