Garanti og Ansvar

10 års garanti

Utvalgte Ravnøprodukter har 10 års garanti på produksjons- og materialfeil.

Ravnø forplikter seg til å reparere eller erstatte produkter som er ødelagt på grunn av materialfeil eller produksjonsfeil.

Mottar du mot formodning et produkt med feil, sender du det bare tilbake til oss, så får du et nytt. Skulle noe selvforskyldt skje med produktet kan vi være behjelpelig med reperasjoner.

Du har 14 dagers retur rett (angrefristen). Se Kjøpsbetingelser.* Kjøp av varer i fysiske butikker følger norsk kjøpslov. Merk at returrett bortfaller i sin helhet dersom kunden har brukt, eller forårsaket slitasje/skade på varen. For at din retur skal godkjennes må den være salgbar som ny/i ubrukt stand. Originalemballasje, merkelapper og strekkoder må være inntakte. Returer sendt som postoppkrav blir ikke hentet eller behandlet som retur.

Når gjelder Ravnøgarantien?

Skulle det oppstå en mangel på grunn av produksjonsfeil, vil vi enten reparere eller erstatte produktet. Garantien dekker ikke skader forårsaket av feil bruk, uaktsomhet, ulykker eller normal slitasje. Naturlig eller unaturlig misfarging og slitasje etter bruk, dekkes ikke av garantien.

Er det skader som ikke dekkes av garantien kan vi allikevel hjelpe deg med reperasjon mot et lite vederlag. Dette avklares i hvert tilfelle. Produkter som sendes til reperasjon skal være nyvasket i henhold til vaskeanbefalingene.

Hull i stoffet eller slitasje er ikke garantisaker. Feil på membranen er derimot en garantisak. En individuell bedømming av hver enkel garantiinnmelding vil ofte være måten vi gjennomfører dette på. Feil på membranen vil vise seg raskt, og da gjelder selvfølgelig garantien vår. Produkter eldre enn 2 år regnes ikke som reklamasjon etter forbrukerkjøpsloven, men vil da regnes inn under Ravnø-garantien.

Skulle lim mellom ytterstoff og membran slippe og du ser bobler på ytterstoffet kan dette skyldes enten feil i produksjonsprosessen eller dårlig vedlikehold. Her taes det individuelle bedømninger. Dersom Ravnø mener at dette er en feil under produksjonen, så er det en garantisak.

Dårlig vedlikehold kan vises ved for eksempel delaminering i nakken. Ved for sjelden vask av produktene kan stoffet delaminere.

Kontakt oss ved reklamasjon

Garantisaker avklares av Sømhuset. Last ned skjema her og send utfylt skjema og det aktuelle plagget til

SØMHUSET AS, Granåsen 18, 1362 Hosle.

Tlf: 67 14 14 00

Sømhuset ser an produktets tilstand og alder. Dette avgjør erstatningen.

Looking back – and looking forward.

Ravnø – our responsibility.

In an ever faster changing world, taking responsibility for the environmental consequences of our business was a go, no-go for starting production.

Most textile producers will tell you that they take environmental concerns seriously, we don’t – for us, sustainable production is a driving guideline, unequivocally the most important part of our project. As a start-up company, there were many surprises when interacting for the first time with textile manufacturers and producers. To our dismay, much of the most basic environmental requirements we had were at best treated with a slightly lazy approach. The lack of transparency – in fact, the almost secretive attitudes at some manufacturers was disheartening.

We simply could not start production without having our basic concerns covered. The reason is simple, we are hunters, we are fishermen, – we love nature. Why on earth would we want to contribute to more pollution? In fact, we want to pollute less! When what you love is threatened by so many different environmental concerns, we are obliged to protect nature.

The California farmers who produce our cotton use sterile moths to protect their plants, rather than pesticides. They use a minimum amount of water, at sustainable levels so that water tables aren’t diminished. In 2017, California ranked second in the US in conventional hydroelectric generation and first as a producer of electricity from solar, geothermal, and biomass resources. In 2017, solar PV and solar thermal installations provided about 16% of California’s net electricity generation.

We chose textile mills in Switzerland to produce our textiles – under probably the world’s most stringent environmental standards, where zero emission, low energy consumption and no waste-water sludge is an absolute.

We use a short cycle dye and colour treatment – which has the lowest impact on the environment. We don’t use PFC´s or other chemical based treatments. We produce locally in Europe, from Switzerland our textiles are sent to our factory in Poland, naturally a Gold Standard factory, where sustainability is a mantra.

The short shipping distances also means that we reduce the carbon footprint of the garments. Staff and employees at all the facilities we cooperate with, have European standards for salary, labour rights, holidays and social provisions. We choose to make our garments with a life expectancy equal to our clients. We will make them so that they can last a lifetime, with a little care. Simply by demanding the highest production quality, the theory is that people will not need new garments in 2 or 5 or 8 years after their initial purchase. Hunting garments are seasonal, they are used sporadically by our clients during the year. Despite being put through its paces, the garments should last many years and should therefore not need to be replaced.

In all the materials we choose to work with, we made a promise to ourselves, to our customers, that we will research the impact of each garment textile.

We spent three years developing designs and prototypes, focusing on quality, the best solutions, the best textiles that deliver on what they promise. We have tested, discarded and tested again.

Ravnø is now a fledgling brand, trying to make its way in to the hearts and minds of its clients. Through rigid testing, we were chosen as the preferred manufacturer of field uniforms for the Norwegian State Ranger corps (SNO) – and in the winter of 2018 we delivered the first five hundred uniforms. Since then we have supplemented with more garments. In 2019 we  produced new uniforms for all the local and common lands ranger corps in all of Norway – The mountain Rangers (Fjelloppsyn) received their uniforms in the fall of 2019.

It may cost us more to produce to such a high standard, it may even make it harder to sell the garments to end users – but in our minds, this is a small example of how to start at the right end of the stick.

Our impact is tiny in a global perspective – but the more micro-brands that start this way, the more pressure there will be on the global brands that spew out millions of garments every year. At the end of the day, its consumer power that will force stockholders in big league brands to start re-thinking how and why they produce the way they do.

Our garments are either Woolmark,  Økotex or Blue Sign approved.

Hvorfor velge Ravnø?




Moderne mønster, slitesterkt, vindtett, vannavisende og pustende materiale.




Du skal være trygg på at du har et Ravnøprodukt i mange år fremover.




Alle våre produkter er laget i Europa eller europeiske fabrikker i asia.