Washing Instructions:

Water-repellent garments are not waterproof garments. Water-repellent garments are membranes (usually) and need to be treated to perform at their best. Detergents and soap chemicals can damage the properties of the garment. It is important to be careful with washing to maintain the properties over time.

NikWax Tech is also highly suitable for Ventile if you wish to waterproof your cotton clothes. We believe that Tech Wash from NikWax works better on cotton than “Cotton Wash” from NikWax.

For Pro Altitude and Pro Guide jackets and trousers with Dynatec:

Close all zippers and turn the garment inside out. Wash the jacket/trousers at 40 degrees with natural soap,* without fabric softener. Iron lightly (low heat) after washing to preserve the membrane’s performance. DO NOT use a dryer or fabric softener!

Feel free to use NikWax or Grangers Performance Repel – only in spray form, or an equivalent quality waterproofing product on your garments. Follow the instructions carefully.

Important! Iron the jacket/trousers when they are completely dry. Use a low heat setting on your iron.

(*Natural soap – liquid, such as Klar or Neutral. TechWash impregnates both sides of the garment – this can damage the membrane.)

Ravnø Sabotør L24Ventile Cotton:

Caring for Ventile® garments is very simple and it will help maintain high performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

We would always recommend dry-cleaning your garment!, – but if that’s not possible, by following these basic rules, you’ll achieve maximum durability from the garment, whilst greatly improving its longevity.

  1. Gently brush or sponge off any dirt. Close the zipper/fastener and turn the garment inside out.
  2. Machine wash one item at a time in warm water on a gentle cycle using pure liquid soap. Ensure all residue soap is removed from the garment, re-rinse if necessary.
  3. Reshape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight.
  4. Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.

Damage to fibres can occur when it’s been in contact with acids, bleaches and detergents. If contact does occur, soak thoroughly in cold water.

Sand and Grit
Sand and grit increases the abrasion on cotton fibres and can reduce the life of the garment. Once dried, brush off all sand, grit and mud.

Washing Machines. Be Warned you fashionistas!
Washing a Ventile garment in a washing machine can Greatly Effect the Colour and structure of the garment. The heavier the Ventile cotton and darker the colour – the more colour loss will occur. If you are expecting to keep colour fastness in your Ventile garment then try and avoid at all costs using a washing machine. If colour loss and “patina” is not a concern for you, then wash the garment in cold water on a short cycle with No Detergents , only natural garment soap.

Restoring Water Repellency
Through hard wear and tear, Ventile® garments may eventually require a reproof. We advise that you follow the specific instructions on the waterproofing products we’ve suggested below:

  1. Granger Extreme Waterproofing for Naturals
  2. Nikwax Tech Wash or pure soap (ensure there is no residue of detergent in your washing machine)
  3. Nikwax Cotton Proof

    We also highly recommend Lanolin Oil proofing used for wool baby diapers and also proofing used for wool furniture (such as sofas).


Other graments/shirts/Vagabond collection.

Before washing, consider if your garment needs washing or if it is sufficient to remove stains or simply air it out.

Especially wool benefits from being aired out instead of washed if it is only for odor removal. Washing clothes consumes water and energy.

Remove stains as soon as they are noticed; it is easier to remove new stains, and you will know what caused them.

All products have washing instructions, and it is important to follow them to achieve good results after washing. We always label the garments with the highest permitted temperature. However, you can choose a lower washing temperature to save energy.

Sort the laundry – wash similar colors together.

Close all zippers and turn the garment inside out.

Use the right amount of detergent! Using too much detergent makes it harder to rinse out the soap, and you will get a poorer washing result. Find out if you have hard or soft water in your municipality and follow the dosage instructions for the detergent. Soft water requires less detergent than hard water. Wash wool and down with soap without enzymes, while other materials can be washed with regular detergent. Feel free to use eco-labeled detergent.

None of our products require fabric softener. Fabric softeners are not only an unnecessary expense but also contribute to unnecessary use of chemicals. Fabric softeners can cause damage to some of our textiles.

When the garment is not in use, close all zippers and store it away. Do not compress down when storing it. Hanging it freely helps maintain the loft of the down and its good properties.

Wool Sweaters, (Hjalmar)
Wool Shirts (Fauna)
Our sweaters are made of Lambs Wool or Alpaca blends.
Always wash in COLD water.
Do NOT hang dry, rather – place the garment flat to dry.

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