Made By Friends

Ravnø is a brand that was founded by a group of friends who share a deep love for hunting and a strong commitment to preserving the quality of hunting clothing. The brand’s story began when three of its founders, Olav, Torbjørn, and Marek, found themselves in a small mountain cabin, frustrated by the declining quality of hunting gear in the market. They reminisced about the days when high-quality clothing and equipment were produced in Europe, rather than according to mass-production principles focused solely on maximizing profits.

Determined to make a change, these friends decided to take matters into their own hands and create a brand that prioritized quality and craftsmanship in hunting clothing. Ravnø was born out of their shared passion for hunting and their belief that there was still an opportunity to design, produce, and sell top-tier garments that would meet the high standards of hunters like themselves.

The founders of Ravnø come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from professional hunters and guides to farmers, landowners, forestry workers, policemen, designers, and game wardens. Despite their different professions, they all share a common interest in hunting. This diverse group of friends collaborates to create hunting gear that not only excels in materials and fabrics but also in manufacturing and design.

One of Ravnø’s key principles is rigorous testing and development. Understanding the importance of camouflage in hunting, they embarked on a journey to learn about animals’ vision and consulted with scientists and biologists. They also scoured Europe and beyond to source the best technical textiles to ensure their garments would stand up to the demands of the hunt.

Ultimately, Ravnø’s mission is to provide hunters with clothing that harks back to the golden era of quality hunting gear. They are driven by their passion for quality and their desire to enhance the hunting experience for others who share their love for the outdoors. Through their dedication and commitment to excellence, they aim to deliver products that meet the high standards of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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Modern patterns developed by vision biologist and evoloutionary scientists




Don´t buy more - buy better. Your garment should last! It's designed to do so. See our waranty.




All our products are manufactured with the best textiles and factories, in europe and asia.