Ravnø Sabotør™ | Cargo Pants


Ventile L24 Sabotør™ Cargo pants

Ventile™ is not unfamiliar to those who spend a lot of time outdoors – it is a truly unique material with excellent properties. A garment with DNA from Tenzing and Hillary’s first ascent of Everest and many Arctic expeditions.


Ravn can be best described as charcoal gray/black.

Whisky is reminiscent of aquavit or whiskey :).

Bjørk is a combination of green and gray, depending on the light.

Do you get sweaty in membrane trousers? Or tired of the wind blowing right through your “cotton trousers”? There are not many manufacturers in the world that produce trousers with this fantastic material. Ventile is costly to produce, but its properties speak for themselves. It offers high windproofness and resistance to the elements – it takes time for water to penetrate, much longer than with regular “blended-textile” trousers, and Ventile dries extremely quickly.

Ravnø is the first clothing brand in the world to successfully print on Ventile. Here’s your unique opportunity to get Ventile trousers in our patented camo.

In addition to our Lupus and Shadow camouflage patterns, we have produced a limited number of solid-colored trousers.

Product info

Ravnø Sabotør™ | Cargo Pants

This is a 100% tightly woven long-staple Ventile™ cotton garment. These trousers are sturdy and extremely comfortable to wear, in addition to being silent like cotton. Our trousers are spacious to allow room for thermal underwear.

The trousers are reinforced with Kevlar around the ankles and over the boot cuffs, as well as in the seat area.

A full-length YKK zipper runs from just below the hips down the length of the leg, providing optimal ventilation options and making it easier to put on and take off the trousers while wearing boots.

The trousers have two Levi’s-style side pockets (not Chino) – thigh pockets are positioned on the outside of the leg, with a stabilizer pocket for a mobile phone/GPS on the inside of one pocket.

The trousers feature double buttons at the front and an elastic waistband for a personalized fit.

Long-staple and tightly woven cotton has an inherent challenge – and that is color retention. This garment, like others of similar cotton quality, will experience color changes with washing. There are no polymers or plastics mixed in the fabric to preserve and bind the color’s sharpness. If you want to maintain a pristine look over time, we suggest looking for other trousers. However, if you’re seeking functional clothing with many fantastic features, you’ve found the right garment!

Made in Europe. EUR.1. Certified.