ARV 86°14 Arctic Anorak | Ventile

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Ravnø Arv 86°14 Ventile Anorakk | Arctic Edition.

In 1893, Sverdrup took command of the polar ship Fram on Nansen’s expedition across the Arctic Ocean. “Fram” sailed from Vardø, south of Novaya Zemlya, and along the northern coast of Siberia to 133° 37′ east. There, “Fram” became trapped in the ice and drifted across the Arctic Ocean for three years.

On later expeditions, Fram sailed as far north as 86°N14″E (Nansen’s own measurements).

One of Ravnø’s founders is a descendant of Sverdrup. 90 years after his passing, we wanted to create an anorak as a tribute to those who came before us. Adventurers, hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, and polar explorers. Tough men and women who contributed to our desire for discovery and adventure. This is a very durable garment with low weight. Perfect for year-round use, but especially in the cold, fine weather.

The “ARV 86°14” (Heritage) anorak is made of 100% Ventile cotton, double and triple-layered in certain areas, with side pockets, a kangaroo pocket with an internal GPS/radio pocket, and two hip pockets – all with waterproof zippers. Full-length ventilation zippers under the arms. The zippers can be opened at the bottom, allowing the jacket to be opened from the hem to the elbow. Velcro field for fur collar (55 cm).

Weight: 849g in size L. Ravnø 10-year warranty.* We have a few 3XL sizes in the color Petrol Blue. Send a message if you’re interested.

Made in Europe. EUR.1 Certified.


Product info

ARV 86°14 Arctic Anorak | Ventile

The 100% weatherproof Ventile™ Anorak features full-length zippers on both sides for ventilation and easier on and off. It has a kangaroo pocket at the front with an internal pocket for a GPS/radio or mobile phone. There are handwarmer pockets with “garage/welt” and waterproof zippers at the chest, as well as hip pockets with waterproof zippers. We have a few 3XL sizes available in the Bensin Blue color. Please send a message if you’re interested.

The anorak has a spacious hood with side and top adjustments. There are also adjustments at the waist and bottom. It is prepared for a fur collar.

We sell the anorak without a fur collar, but we recommend that you try your hand at hunting fox, beaver, lynx, or wolverine so that you can have your own collar made 🙂

Made in Europe. EUR.1 Certified.