Exoskeletal Bino Bag | Fits our back pack.

123 USD

Robust protection and stable support for binoculars, cameras, rangefinders, or communication equipment. Only 330g with the harness!
The bino bag can be attached to fixed points on you Ravnø Jötunn Exoskeletal backpack or used separately with the harness provided.

65g lighter than previous models – without side pockets – only mesh pockets – Short Cycle DWR impregnated (10,000mm H2O) – and new Cordura D60 fabric.

Our primary focus has been on weight versus functionality. Solid construction with a wide low-profile harness – can be used with a backpack. The harness’s width provides better relief than thin straps that “cut” into the neck. The bag is stable and shockproof, and with a total weight of 330g, it is an excellent solution for “Spot and Stalk” hunters. Perfect for mountain hunting, reindeer hunting, buck hunting, or dog handlers.

Thoughtful construction for “weightless” relief.

Ravnø 10-year warranty.*