Jötunn Bino Bag | Fits our Exoskeletal back pack.


Robust protection and stable support for binoculars, cameras, rangefinders, or communication equipment. Only 330g with the harness!
The bino bag can be attached to fixed points on you Ravnø Jötunn Exoskeletal backpack or used separately with the harness provided.

65g lighter than previous models – without side pockets – only mesh pockets – Short Cycle DWR impregnated (10,000mm H2O) – and new Cordura D60 fabric.

Our primary focus has been on weight versus functionality. Solid construction with a wide low-profile harness – can be used with a backpack. The harness’s width provides better relief than thin straps that “cut” into the neck. The bag is stable and shockproof, and with a total weight of 330g, it is an excellent solution for “Spot and Stalk” hunters. Perfect for mountain hunting, reindeer hunting, buck hunting, or dog handlers.

Thoughtful construction for “weightless” relief.

Ravnø 10-year warranty.*

Product info

Jötunn Bino Bag | Fits our Exoskeletal back pack.

Robust water-resistant protection and support for binoculars, cameras, rangefinders, and communication equipment.


• Total weight with harness: 330 grams.

• Cordura D60 fabric: robust fabric – water-resistant – padding protects from impacts and shocks. The material can withstand approximately 10,000mm water column – it can be further impregnated to enhance its durability over extended use.

• The harness has a wide shoulder area, and stiffer materials prevent the harness from “twisting.”

The main compartment for the binoculars is spacious enough to accommodate an 8×42 or 10×42 binoculars. In front of the bag, there is a pocket that also provides access to the strap that secures the lid, allowing you to adjust its tightness. The front pocket is intended for use with a GPS or rangefinder.

The GPS is easily accessible in front during transport stages. When you need to fine-tune your positioning and require more orientation with a compass or map in challenging terrain, you can place the GPS in the stretch pocket on the lid so that you can consult the compass while walking.

Detachable bag section with Duraflex clips – attachement points on your back pack.

Narrower design with only mesh pockets on the sides of the bag, so that the bag doesn’t obstruct when lifting the rifle to the shoulder. Side pockets for the hunting radio, ammunition, or GPS.

• On the back of the bag, against the body, there is a pocket for keeping a mobile phone or similar device.

• Adjustable tightening for the ability to wear the bag higher on the body.

• The harness has mesh and good ventilation channels on the back.

• The material is antimicrobial and should not retain sweat odors over time.

• Adapted for the radio from the jacket (forest antenna) – can be routed from the jacket through the harness.

• The locking strap is both adjustable and replaceable (wearable part).

• Can be used with a hunting backpack.

• Narrow design prevents interference when lifting the rifle to the shoulder or skiing.

• Loops for securing the GPS to prevent loss.

• Separate detachable harness for the binoculars with quick-release clips for easy detachment.

• Best suited for 8×42 or 10×42 binoculars. The compartment depth of the bag is 19cm without considering the stretch in the lid. Space for x52 or x56 if the binoculars do not exceed the length.

• Mobile phone pocket against the body with a zipper.

• Two stretch pockets on the lid for a rangefinder, mobile rangefinder, or other items.

To ensure that the binoculars are secured and the loops do not loosen, we recommend the following solution:

Create a hole through both straps on the top of the loop, thread zip ties through them, and secure the straps tightly.