Rangers choose Ravnø

Ravnø is the official supplier of field uniforms to NJFF (Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers), Norges Fjellstyresamband (Norwegian Mountain Stewardship Association), Mountain Rangers, and the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) – Ranger corps since 2016.

Foto: Håvard Rønning

Tested and proven to be best.

“We are proud to announce that in competition with other well-known brand suppliers, Fjellstyrene and SNO chose Ravnø as the supplier of field uniforms for all their surveillance personnel. After the tests, it was determined that Ravnø’s textiles handle the tasks that a field uniform must endure.” – Olav Lian – Ravnø

Foto: Kristian Nesser

This demonstrates that our commitment to quality is truly appreciated, and that there is a noticeable difference in the practical use of the clothing. Nature inspectors throughout the entire country are equipped with field uniforms from Ravnø.

Since 2016, surveillance personnel across the country have been using Ravnø Pro Altitude Ranger and Ravnø Sabotør for their field work.

Ravnø Pro Altitude garments are designed for those who spend a lot of time in the mountains.

Although we have used these jackets for elk, deer, and wild boar hunting – and many other species below the tree line – the DNA of the High Altitude jackets is specifically tailored for reindeer hunting and hunting mountain species. This is an excellent jacket for days when the weather turns and you need good protection from the elements. Whether you prefer hunting in the forest or traveling abroad to pursue species that inhabit mountain areas, the Pro Altitude jacket is something you should have in your backpack. It also works exceptionally well for elk and deer hunters here at home when the weather brings heavy rainfall. The material also has the fantastic property of drying very quickly over the stove in a cabin or campfire.

Ravnø Sabotør garments are designed for those who prefer cotton.

Sabotør jackets and pants are developed for those who do not wish to use membranes and prefer lightweight, windproof cotton garments. Sabotør Ventile meets expectations and, for cotton, these garments are robust for their purpose. The properties of Ventile are unparalleled compared to cotton textiles blended with polyester or nylon.

Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers.

2023 marks the beginning of the collaboration between NJFF and Ravnø. We have been chosen as the supplier of garments for NJFF’s personnel “in the field” – instructors and guides. The choice fell on the Tjorro jacket in Ventile L24 cotton. This versatile garment is well-suited for outdoor activities, catering to both hunters and anglers!

The Norwegian Mountain Stewardship Association (NFS) is the umbrella organization for all mountain stewardships in Norway.

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) is a part of the Norwegian Environment Agency and serves as the operational field organization for environmental management. They are responsible for overseeing more than 2800 protected areas in Norway

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