Dynatec and X-PORE – from the best textile suppliers in the world.

Dynatec – from pioneers in the textile industry

Ravnø is made in Europe. We have chosen the finest technical textiles in the world, manufactured by Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. Schöeller is one of the founders of the Bluesign™ system, recognized as the leading standard for sustainable textile production. We do not use PFC or UV enhancers. We have selected YKK zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners, buttons, and threads from Sweden, and we manufacture at the Gore Gold Standard factory Tekosöm Sverige AB in Poland. Therefore, we can confidently offer a 10-year production guarantee on our garments.

Working with the best

Without good textiles, one cannot create good clothing. We wanted to collaborate with a European factory to create “locally sourced” products. We also aimed to find materials that were superior to what we had previously tested. We wanted the best of the best – and we found it at Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. The company has a history dating back to 1886 and is truly one of the major innovators and pioneers in the development of high-tech textiles. They have set the international standard for sustainable production.

Read more from Schöeller Elite Textiles here.

Nanosphere – dry and clean

Nanosphere is a coating that makes the surface hydrophobic. The fabric becomes highly water-repellent. It resembles fish scales, where small nanoparticles protrude from the fabric. Water and dirt do not adhere but remain on top of the particles. This technology has been developed by Schoeller after observing how plants rid themselves of water and dirt.

Watch this film about nanosphere technology.


Eco-friendly waterproof-breathable textile, from BenQ | X-pore

Did you know – your jacket is made from recycled LED screens? BenQ is at the forefront of renewables and bio-polymers.

Xpore is committed to provide environmentally friendly waterproof and breathable textile solutions, and introducing technological management thinking into textile industry. Xpore has developed a microporous nanoporous membrane with ultra-high waterproof, breathable and moisture-permeable properties, combined with customized fabric, to create a 100%
PFC-free, solvent free, non-toxic, safe environmentally-friendly and sustainable functional fabric that is rarely seen in the market . It provides comprehensive protection for adventures with continuous consciousness, taking various weather changes in stride, and explores the infinite world.

BenQ Materials Corp. officially launched Xpore at the ISPO Munich 2020 exhibition to herald a new era of eco-friendly, breathable, and waterproof textile for performance.

Xpore is the materials technology that transforms ordinary textiles into high-performance and eco-friendly fabrics. “We set out to create a breakthrough material that delivers on two key features people really want, which is eco-friendliness and performance,” said ZC Chen, Chairman of BenQ Materials Corp. “It used to be that you had to choose either high-performance but not very eco-friendly textiles, or low-performance textiles that were more sustainable. Today, with Xpore, we’re redefining the boundaries and enabling more clothing brands to come on board and launch their own range of eco-friendly and comfortable outerwear.”

Excellent Performance with Minimized Environmental Impacts

All-round Performance

Applied to different fabrics, Xpore technology delivers impeccable performance where it counts.


At the heart of our technology is a layer of the unique ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores on every square inch. These are no ordinary nanopores: they’re 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, so they perfectly block rain and wind, but are large enough for perspiration to pass through. Nanopores that truly breathe keep you dry and comfortable, enhancing endurance when you’re on the move.

BenQ Textiles and X-pore can boast:

  1. 0 Water Pollution: 100% PFC-free and solvent free since 2019
  2. 0 Air Pollution: 100% PFC-free and solvent free since 2019.
  3. -211% CO2 Emission: continuous reduction of power consumption (2019-2020)
  4. 280KW solar energy generation: increasing the application of green renewable energy (2020)
  5. 958 Planted Trees: reducing the greenhouse effect (2018-2020)

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