King of the hunt.

Pig hunting with a “pig shearing”


When Sven and Marius bet on who would become the next King of the hunt…

Every year, we travel with friends to a small village in Czech Republic to hunt wild boars. This year, both Sven and Marius had shot well and become the King of the hunt once each. The one who shoots the best for the day is declared the King of the hunt by the hunting leader.

As the evening progresses, the team becomes merry, and Sven and Marius bet on who will become the next king. The one who loses the bet will be sheared by the other – a kind of consolation for not becoming the king.

The next day offers little for the aspiring hairdressers, but the day after that, Sven shoots like a god, and Marius has no intention of letting him escape the punishment.


Good local friends step in to give Sven a decent but short haircut. Marius is slightly dissatisfied with the punishment and insists on helping out a bit at the end..

The days go by, and Sven is enjoying his new haircut, although he is worried about what his wife will say when he comes home. Neither Sven nor Marius have many opportunities to shoot, and eventually, it’s the last day of the hunt. Sven doesn’t shoot any pigs, but Marius shoots two small ones. Another local hunter has shot two larger ones. This means that Marius may have a chance to become the King of the entire hunt for the whole week, as he has shot the most animals among the group, but he probably won’t be the King for the day’s hunt.

There’s a celebration at the venue with a raffle and costumed hunting leaders, and the King of the entire hunt is about to be crowned. Marius knows that Sven is eager for revenge and waits anxiously. However, Martin has shot more pigs than Marius! And after all, it’s a pig hunt we’re on. Martin is crowned, and Marius breathes a sigh of relief.

Martin is crowned King!

Now, only the King of the day remains. Pavel, the hunting leader for the day, enters the venue slowly in his splendid hunting attire for special occasions. He reads something in Czech, which Marius doesn’t understand, but the last thing he says is unmistakable: “Král Marius!” Since Marius had shot two wounded animals, it meant more to Pavel than someone else shooting two larger ones.

Sven quickly got into action and found a pair of scissors!

Sven as the barber of Seville!

Good for a laugh!

The damage was noticable 🙂

the local hairdresser managed to tidy up most of the mess..

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