Exoskeletal CF | Jötunn Load System | 2,6Kg. – 85/130 Litres. Quick Release.

507 USD

Ravnø Exoskeletal CF | Designed by Norwegian Mountain hunters.

Jötunn – Modular carbon fiber frame and backpack with quick-release mechanism for weapons.

The main compartment of the backpack is 80L. Front pockets add 5L of capacity. The freight shelf has a capacity of 45L. Maximum capacity: 130L. Dry weight: 2680g with the frame – excluding the quick-release mechanism* for weapons.

We have developed a new frame backpack based on our kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber frame, specially designed to function as a load-bearing pack and withstand heavy loads. Hunters who need to transport game can place meat between the frame and the backpack. The maximum recommended capacity for the backpack is 75kg.

There are few things that inspire more awe than attempting to create a world-class frame backpack. Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, but they are also born with a backpack on their back. We have spent close to three and a half years developing this backpack. We have sketched, designed, discarded, and started over many times along the way. The result is a backpack that we hope you will enjoy. A robust lightweight backpack with upper mid-range capacity.

After much trial and error, we managed to produce a kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber frame. The frame makes the backpack unique. It is sturdy enough to withstand most demands, flexible enough to be comfortable on your back, and lightweight enough for us to use the desired material for the backpack itself – CorduraD1000. Prototypes have been used, tested, and subjected to harsh conditions, field-tested, and pushed to their limits to see what the backpack and frame can handle. It can withstand extreme conditions.

We are proud of this backpack and believe that you will derive great joy from a Ravnø Exoskeletal Jötunn backpack.

Recco™ Search and Rescue radar reflector integrated in the pack

*Quick-release mechanism for weapons is standard on all backpacks. Easy to detach if not needed. Load-bearing frame without the backpack weighs 1.5 kg.

Ravnø 10-year warranty.*

Read more about the Exoskeletal system here.


Additional information

Weight 3,1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 35 × 18 cm

Shadow, Lupus, Ghost




2680g., 94,5 Oz.


85 Litres chamber, 130 Litres with pack shelf.


Max 150 Kg.


All Seasons, Short Expedition


Water resistant, DWR. Rain cover provided.