Inspired by the camouflage of Nordic predators

Learning from research and evolution.

Forget green as a camouflage colour. Ravnø’s unique camouflage patterns and colors have been developed through collaboration with researchers and biologists. We wanted to learn about animals’ vision and have gained insights into recent discoveries. We have learned about ultraviolet light and how animals use it to their advantage. We learned about the instinct of “fight or flight” and the Pareidolia phenomenon and why it was a crucial part of animal survival and the development of camouflage. A biology professor hit the nail on the head when he said, “If green was the optimal camouflage for mammals and predators, all animals would be green.” And clearly, they are not green.

“If green was a good camouflage for predators and prey, then all animals would be green. That is the very essence of evolution!”

Camouflage colours from predators

In collaboration with biologists, we have developed the camouflage patterns Ravnø Shadow and Ravnø Lupus – inspired by the Nordic predators lynx and wolf. Natural selection and evolution itself has designed these two apex predators, and their color combinations have been optimized over thousands of years. Natural selection and the evolution of colours in prey and predator is a universal acid. Simply put, these animals are the ones that succeed in surviving or hunting. Nocturnal animals tend to be darker, such as moose, and daylight active animals tend to be lighter – such as roe deer. Caribou and reindeer are a mimic of their respective biotopes but have the added advantage of horizontal markings which make them harder to distinguish as individuals when in a flock.

-All of us who have hunted for many years in the mountains will tell you,
It’s much easier to spot a person in a dark or green jacket than a man in a white jacket.
Counter -intuitive as it may seem, lighter colours are harder to distinguish in open terrain.

Camouflage based on animals’ vision – not what we humans see.

For the past 70-80 years, camouflage patterns and colors in hunting clothing have been based on military tradition. Soldiers camouflaging themselves for other soldiers. With Ravnø, you get hunting clothing created based on what we actually know about animals’ vision, not what we know about human vision. Research shows that animals, especially deer, perceive a much broader spectrum of green than we do. Additionally, they have the ability to see UV light.

Animals see UV-treated garments

Deer can see UV light. This has been proven, for example, in wild reindeer, which rely on ultraviolet light to find food during the dark winter months. Certain lichen they eat emit UV light, others absorb, so this natural adaption in reindeer helps them see their primary food source. This is not visible to the human eye, but for the animals, it can mean the difference between life and death. It allows them to see their food without sunlight, in pitch darkness. That is why you should not wear UV-treated clothing during hunting. Ravnø does not apply any UV treatment to its clothing, as we do not want to become beacons of light in the dark.

Fractal patterns – not organic

What constitutes effective camouflage for most mammals are replicas of shadows. Shadows occur in all seasons. With this knowledge, we were able to develop micro/macro camouflage in fractal mathematical patterns. Straight lines counteract the Pareidolia instinct in mammals, where the brain tends to interpret and recognize organic shapes. Straight lines do not occur naturally and are therefore more challenging to perceive for both predators and prey. Fractal patterns also have the added advantage that colors do not blend together or merge into a darker silhouette at greater distances but instead maintain a fragmented appearance, regardless of scaling up or down.

“Fractal mathematical patterns have the advantage of retaining their properties at varying magnification.”

For hunters who don´t want to look like soldiers.

We have created camouflage clothing for those who don’t want to look like soldiers. Traditional camouflage originates from military traditions, but with Ravnø’s new patented design, we aim to modernize camouflage garments for hunters. We aspire to develop modern designs that can also be worn on ski slopes or mountain hikes outside of the hunting season.

The best technical textiles in the world

Ravnø is made in Europe. We have chosen the best technical textiles in the world, manufactured by Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. Schöeller is one of the founders of the Bluesign™ system, recognized as the leading standard for sustainable textile production. We do not use PFC or UV enhancers. We have selected YKK zippers, Velcro fasteners, buttons, and threads from Sweden, and we produce at the Gore Gold Standard factory, Tekosöm Sverige AB, in Poland. Therefore, we can confidently offer a 10-year production guarantee on our garments.

Designs inspired by the Eurasian wolf and Scandinavian Lynx.

More background research papers here: Arctic University Tromsø (external link)

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Modern patterns developed by vision biologist and evoloutionary scientists




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