Ravnø L-24™ Sabotør | Ventile Solid. Slate Grey

527 USD

Made by Legends | for generations.

Ravnø L24 Sabotør™ – 2-layer Ventile™ Jacket | “Weatherproof Cotton”

These jackets are truly unique and made to be passed down through generations.

Ventile™ is likely not unfamiliar to you if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Ventile is a unique material with fantastic properties, with a garment that carries the DNA from Tenzing and Hillary’s first ascent of Everest and arctic expeditions. It´s our experience that Ventile is probably by far the best alternative to membrane garments, – not only in its ability to keep you dry in most conditions – but far superior when it comes to breathability of the garment and how quickly it dries. To optimalize the performance of the cotton fabric we have doubled the layers.

Weight: Approximately 1070g in size L. Ravnø 10-year warranty.*

Made in Europe. EUR.1 Certified.

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Ravnø L-24™ Sabotør | Ventile Solid. Slate Grey

The Sabotør jacket is a modern classic made from loosely spun, tightly woven long-staple cotton. Ventile was developed during the war as a replacement for latex and rubber for fire hoses and later adapted for Spitfire pilots and other aviators. The properties of Ventile cotton allow the fabric to swell when exposed to rain or water, making the jacket virtually waterproof. Nothing breathes better than cotton. Therefore, the jackets are exceptionally well-suited for autumn hunting in light rain and winter hunting in cold temperatures.

Double radio pockets with inner pockets, pass-through for earplugs and radio antenna – YKK Vislon8 zippers, double layer of L24-Ventile™ Weatherproof Cotton – adjustable hem, waist, hood, strong Velcro on the cuffs, articulated elbows, and cuffs.

Wash with natural soap* without fabric softener or chemical detergents. It is recommended to treat with NixWax when needed. Follow the washing instructions on the jacket. *Natural soap – e.g., Klar or Neutral. Do NOT use a dryer or fabric softener.

The world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile that is grown sustainably. It’s the best choice for durability, reliability, and all-round performance. Ventile® is not a seasonal trend. Choosing Ventile® means making a statement against the significantly growing fast fashion industry. Join the movement. Make an investment for life.

Made in Europe. EUR.1 Certified.